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Solve the Problem of LP Storage For Vinyl Record Collectors


When you are serious about collecting vinyl records, LP storage is serious business. It is important to preserve the vinyl of course, but the album covers are important too, and keeping them stored correctly is the key to keeping them in mint condition.

At the highest end in vinyl LP storage is probably the record cabinet by Atocha. This fully customizable cabinet is really more similar to a filing cabinet, as it has drawers which are perfectly sized to hold albums. You will find this extremely convenient, as you can sort through them easily, the same way you can in the record store. You can have the cabinet made so that some of the drawers will hold 45 records or CDs, or you can have it made to hold all LP albums, in which case one cabinet can hold about 570 albums. Each cabinet runs about $ 5,000.


If you do not want to spend that much or if you have tons of albums that need to be stored, you might consider purchasing shelves which are specially sized for LP’s. Regular bookcases do not work very well because they are usually not deep enough or strong enough for the width and weight of albums. Shelves for LP storage is most often about thirteen inches deep and has a minimum of thirteen inches of space between each shelf. Shelves are usually quite economical for space, so they allow the store of almost a thousand albums within only a small amount of space, but your record collection is still easily accessible whenever you are in the mood to listen to an album.

If you are concerned about storing your albums away from air, dust and light however, LP storage boxes would be a good solution for you. A lot of these boxes are stackable too, so it is possible to store large collections in small spaces like closets. Boxes are normally the most inexpensive way to store vinyl albums too, and are available in all kinds of materials, such as wood and corrugated plastic. You should avoid cardboard boxes though, since they typically are not as durable as is needed to handle the weight of a lot of albums for an extended length of time. When they break down, damage will occur to your album covers and albums. But for inexpensive record LP storage, the optimum solution is boxes.

Whether it’s an expensive custom-made cabinet or a inexpensive plastic box with a sealed lid, a solution for storing your vinyl record collection can be found that suits you perfectly. The wide world of LP storage is just as wide as the world of LP album collection.

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