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IKEA Expedit – The Perfect Vinyl Records Shelf

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If you have been looking for a vinyl records shelf that will not break your budget, and will perfectly fit your selection of LPs, or laser discs, then IKEA Expedit might just be your ticket. In this brief article we will explore the main features of IKEA Expedit which will make the decision whether or not to go for this shelving system to store your LPs or vinyl records, easier.

What is IKEA Expedit?


IKEA Expedit is a wooden bookshelf consisting of a 4 by 4 array of square or cubic shaped shelves. It is a medium height shelf, just under 60 inches wide and just under 60 inches high. It consists simply of four thick outside frames, bottom, top, left, and right, three vertical and three horizontal dividers of lesser thickness, all separated by equal amount. The result is a four by four array of just under 15 inches by 15 inches square shelves. Incidentally, the depth of the shelf is just over 15 inches as well, so you end up with 4 by 4 array of 15 inch cubes in Expedit.

Expedit shelving unit features and add-ons

The main features of this shelving unit important for using it as a vinyl record shelf are:

  • Single shelf width: 15 inch.
  • Single shelf height: 15 inch.
  • Single shelf depth: 15 inch.
  • Single shelf load capacity: 29 lbs.
  • Colors available: White, Black, Birch, Walnut.

The matching add-ons to IKEA Expedit shelving are:


  • Expedit IKEA Table
  • Expedit IKEA Desk
  • Expedit drawers
  • Expedit insert boxes

What are the IKEA Expedit Pros?

IKEA Expedit bookcase is a shelf that has many uses, such as a reading nook, a display unit with plenty of space, a simple bookcase. In general, this shelf offers the most use and fits best in smaller apartments or rooms. We find the biggest pro in this IKEA bookshelf in its capacity to store the old-fashioned LP records. Since the records are 12 inches wide and deep, they will find a perfect storage space in each of the 16 cubes in the Expedit IKEA bookcase. As an added bonus, Expedit bookcase can be expanded with a matching desk, insert drawers, and insert boxes.

What are the IKEA Expedit Cons?

Although the IKEA Expedit bookshelf looks large in images, when you see it in real life, the 58 or so inches of height is not very tall. In general, we do not find most IKEA bookshelves suitable for larger rooms because they would appear disproportionately low, narrow and shallow in larger rooms. But for smaller rooms it can be the only adequate storage solution. Also, due to IKEA small space requirement, small footprint and narrow depth, the drawback is that the unit must be secured to the wall with the anti-topple hook. Due to the single shelf load maximum of 29 lbs., The drawback for storage of LPs is that each shelf can carry at most 75 or so normal size long play vinyl records.

Who Would Be The Perfect User Of This IKEA Bookcase?


IKEA Expedit appeals to many vinyl record users and enthusiasts. Due to its immense storage capacity and perfect shelf size for storing the vintage LP records and laser discs, it is finding a lot of attention with folks who want to resurrect their LP collection, keep it handy for the old-fashioned turntable listening, or just to store massive amounts of vinyl records in a compact space. Simply stated, IKEA bookcase Expedit may prove to be your favorite vinyl record shelf.

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